Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a must see movie! In fact, I have seen it three times since its opening on January 5th.  This story at its very core is about passion — the passion Americans had to win in a two country Space Race, and the passion these extraordinary black women possessed to succeed professionally despite the racism and sexism faced daily against them in the early 60s. It is about the intensity of Colonel John Glenn and his desire to put America first in space. It is about NASA’s fervor to be the best. Hidden Figures rolls into its 1 hour and 57-minute time frame bold lessons on diversity, gender equality, human resources, corporations, STEM, human rights, education and social justice.

The courageous sass displayed by these three women, in always graceful tones but with clear messages that urge the viewer to listen and understand this unfathomable, inequitable plight is impressive. The hutzpah, the belief and heroic self-esteem demonstrated are lessons all Bobcats should learn!

The champions of right-embodied in Al Harrison and Colonel Glenn-allow us to cheer and applaud, that there really are those who understood the struggle and simply believed in excellence that transcended race and gender-whatever your packaging might be.

The triumph of brilliance and sheer determination wins, however the question we must all ask ourselves — How smart; how extraordinary must one be to simply fit in with the ordinary and to forge your rightful place in society without the isms being always present?

Hidden Figures will make you contemplate, reflect, dream and hopefully open your mind to all life’s positive possibilities. Hidden Figures will make you proud.

Hidden Figures is based on:
Katherine G. Johnson
Dorothy Vaughan
Mary Jackson


Author: diversereflectionsblog

Dr. Clarke is an award winning diversity administrator possessing over 25 years of higher education experience. She currently serves as Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Ohio University.

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